Statute of 11th World Walking Assembly

International Leisure Sports Cooperation Organization(ILSC) &World Walking Association (WWA) has approved that the 15th World Walking Assembly will be held in China(ten district) in 2018. the Assembly will follow the principles of “Popularity, Natural, Health and Harmony” aiming at promoting the development of walking fitness in the host country and the amicable contact within the circle.


To ensure that the Assembly a complete success ,in accordance with international rules ,the special procedures are worked out as follows:


1.Time: 3-8,2019.

1. 大会时间:2019年3-8月。

2.Motif: Gifts to Motherland,Walking with Dreams.

2. 本届主题:献礼祖国·执梦行走

3.Start-destination: ( Omission).

3. 启动地点:(略)

4.Walking Route:( Omission)

4. 徒步路线:(略)

5. Event Registration:

5.1 Attendee’s registered permanent residence、nationality and age are not limited,but the attendee must be healthy,sign up by valid ID.

5.2 Handicapped competitors are welcome.companies ard communities in QHD can sign up by recommendation.

5.3 The delegaations of outside the host country shoud be organized by the relevant qualified travel agents.

5. 参加办法:

5.1 参加活动的人员户籍、国籍和年龄不限,要求身体健康,凭个人有效身份证报名。

5.2 大会允许残疾人参加,单位及社区可凭介绍信集体报名。

5.3 举办国之外的代表团由相关资质的旅行社组织。

6.Registration Venue:

6.1 Domestic participant make the registration at the nearly city point  that be authorized by the Organization Committee(details can be found at http://96888.org inquiries).

6.2 Foreign direct contact with the World Walking Association (WWA) Beijing Secretariat.

Add: NO.8,Road Xiaotun,Fengtai District, Beijing.

Tel: (+86) 010-67482689

E-mail: tubu@qq.com.

6. 报名地点:

6.1 国内参加人员可就近到组委会授权的城市报名点报名(详细可登录http://96888.org查询)。

6.2 国外直接与世界徒步协会(WWA)北京秘书处联络——




7. Registration fee purposes:

7.1 The Walking Activities adhere to the principle of voluntary registration.

7.2 The participants in the activities to collect registration fee 40RMB/person for the Assembly medal,sunshade cap,number cloth,walking notice,and their former Walking Certificate to sign up,and insurance, water and other related costs.

7. 报名收费用途:

7.1 徒步活动坚持自愿报名原则。

7.2 参加徒步活动的人员,收取物料服务费40元人民币/人,用于大会为每位报名者统一购置的遮阳帽、号码布、徒步须知和精美考究、极具收藏价值的世界徒步协会(WWA)徒步证书以及保险、饮水等相关费用。

8. Clothing:

Appart from the sunshade cap,you can  prepare your uniform According your addition.

8. 服装:


9. Group Flag:

Delegations owned 1-2 group flag,size is not less than 1×1.5m, color custom, flag marked on full chinese name, any countyry can indicate their national words ,in addition to its own Logo can’t have other signs.

9. 团旗:


10. Registration and the Assembly staarting arrangements: ( Omission)

10. 报到和大会出发安排:(略)

11. Other:

11.1 Applicants  who participated reach the starting point by own.

11.2 The participants must wear issued by the Assembly Commission by sunshade cap,medal, and to bring new version of Walking Certificate.

11.3 The General Assembly designate lines per unit area designated collection point teams, individual applicants to the bulk collection of newspaper area.

11.4 According to the state of International Walking ,the participants should be completed their route, the Certificate shall be specified in the corresponding line location stamped and certified . Opening your own certificate “2019 page ” wait before seal, to facilitate the staff in the specified location and acurate seal.

11.5 The Assembly have set up water supply staations along the walk, please participants bring your own water containers.

11.6  The Assembly have set up the ambulance in the specified position, anyone who needs rescue contact the Assembly command center or traffic patrol in time.

11.7 According to International practice,there is no ranking,and limit the maximum speed of 7,8 km a hour of brisk walking, do not sprint.

11.8 The turning point in each routes are equipped with volunteer guide flag,please note that view.

11.9 Walking accordance with the route map strictly, are not allowed to arbitrarily change the itinerary or walk a short out, once discovered, are not stamped and certified ,and are not insured.

11.10 In case of road improvement need to temporary change the lines, the Assemblywill announce on the nail.

11.11 obey the unified command of the General Assembly to comply with the provisions of the General Assembly, so that civilizations are involved.

11.12 Please attention to protecting environment, their own trash away.

11.13 The Assembly requires that all participants should attend their own safety,  be sure to walk to the trend,do not cross the white line road closed,crossing intersection should pay attention to traffic lights, be sure to take the zebra crossing, or accidental injury your own risk.

11.14 The Assembly organized by the Organizing Committee volunteer service commitment.

11.15 In case of force majeure factors, the Assembly held automatically stopped; in case of cloudy or drizzly rain as usual.

11. 其它:

11.1 参加徒步的报名者请自行乘车到达起点,活动结束自行乘车返回。

11.2 参会者现场必须佩戴大会统发的遮阳帽,并携带新版《徒步证书》。

11.3 大会按单位指定候行区集合,个人报名者到散报区集合。

11.4 根据国际徒步规定,参与者应走完所报线路,证书须在相应线路的指定位置盖章确认。等待盖章前请自行将证书“2019年页”打开,以方便工作人员在指定位置准确盖章。

11.5 大会在徒步沿线上设有饮水补给站,请参会者自行带好盛水器皿。

11.6 大会在指定位置设医疗救护车,凡需救助者及时与大会指挥中心或交通巡视车联系。

11.7 按照国际惯例,徒步不设名次,并限制最多时速7、8公里的快走,千万不要疾跑。

11.8 各条线路在项目转弯点都设有志愿者引导旗,请注意查看。

11.9 严格按照线路图行走,不准擅自改变行程或抄近道行走,一经发现,不予盖章确认,也不在保险范围。

11.10 如遇道路改造须临时改变线路,大会现场将予以公告。

11.11 听从大会统一指挥,遵守大会各项规定,做到文明参与。

11.12 注意保护环境卫生,自己的垃圾自己带走。

11.13 大会要求所有参加人员注意人身安全,务必顺向行走,勿越过马路闭合白线,过路口时须注意红绿灯,务必走斑马线,否则意外伤害责任自负。

11.14 大会服务由组委会组织的志愿者承担。

11.15 如遇不可抗力因素,大会自动停止举行;如遇阴天或蒙蒙雨天照常进行。

12. The power of interpretation:

12.1 Sub-venue statute to be enacted separately.

12.2 The power of interpretation of this charter belongs to the 15th Association Executive Committee.

12. 解释权:

12.1 本活动分会场规程另行制定。

12.2 本规程解释权属第15届世界徒步大会组织委员会。

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